Vicki <3 AAR (x_darkangel_x) wrote in forgotten_souls,
Vicki <3 AAR


You are every bit as bad as me! You have a bad
temper that you have to keep a leash on right?
In fact I'm willing to bet that you have lost
friends because of your temper, no one could
handle what happened to you when you lost your
leash for a while... am I right?

Do You Have a Bad Temper?
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Just wanna let you know that i love you more than anything that ever existed. You are like the one who keeps me going. I cant thank you enough but now its my turn to return the favour.....

You know deep down you are loved. I know you dont feel it tho. You look deep enough you will see.

Ill always love you
I was in anger management last year for beating some girl over the head with her own lunch tray. It was funny, and I almost went to juvy... So yeah, I guess I'm a LITTLE out of control...