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oooo havent updated in here for a while.
here you go, one of my random posts.
i am ill, feel so bad, and have sore throat. However, i got my first report back tday from 6th form and i got IT-A Travel and Tourism- A and Biology- D ooooo boooo the D am happy with my 2 A's.

P.s i love my new icon!!!!amy lee rocks
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Oh yeah, and i took the liberty of changing his survey, so it looks like this:

Apologies in advance for anybody who is not a fan of good clean fun, as this quiz was developed by a very biased fan of this band, and if you tick anything else but the result will be negative

Do You Know Hardcore? - Cos i don't
The lines may be fuzzy sometimes, but I hate it when people call stuff hardcore that is so
obviously either metal or punk. - However im a dick and i dont see that the term hardcore applies to most music genres, therefore showing im the one who doesn't know hardcore, im sorry.

This is a work in progress...
Contact the author:
Which of the following artists are HARDCORE? Don't pick anyone you've never heard of, Unless its good clean fun.
American Nightmare
Poison The Well
Black Flag
The Casualties
Ron Jeremy
Sick Of It All
Good Clean Fun (tick these if you want a good result)
From Autumn To Ashes
The Unseen
Dillinger Escape Plan
Candi Slits
Gorilla Biscuits
Dead Kennedys
Ten Yard Fight
7 Seconds
Minor Threat
Where Fear And Weapons Meet
Darkest Hour
Stretch Arm Strong
Evergreen Terrace
Curl Up And Die
Eighteen Visions
Shai Hulud
Every Time I Die
Earth Crisis

(Be patient, it may take a few seconds before your browser reacts)

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Silly hardcore biased poo man
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Who do you think we should get to join this community.
From my lj list there is:

Joanne (one of my and neils mates)
andy (one of shaws mates)
Rich - (hes cool)
Amanda - (shaws sister + beevoirs gf)
and shaw

I think that laalaa, rich, beevoir and crisp would fit nicely (even though crisp NEVER updates.)

You lot can list your contacts too, and we can decide on who we will make join. lol Baind you were the first victim. lol

Anyway, Im off
Love you my forgotten soul hehehe
Jim Out
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Forgotten Souls

Update to start the forgotten souls community
Sounds like this is gonna be fun, we need to gat a load of members.

Lets get started with this community then.
1st, we need more members and 2nd we need you to tell us why you belong in forgotten souls... you agree vicki?

Tell us why you consider yourself a forgotten soul.

I consider myself a forgotten soul because i have an udder instead of a penis

Right. Lets get this freak show on the road.

Later all